CouplesGive the ultimate sensual gift to yourself and your partner.  A couple's massage  is a perfect gift to your relationship to celebrate any occasion.

- Sharing an unforgettable sensual voyage of discovery
- Igniting a deeper more fulfilling sensuality
- Sharing ecstatic bliss - incredible sensation - sublime relaxation
- Savouring each other through an unforgettable shared experience

Let me be your guide, helping you and your partner spark your passion for each other with a sense of excitement and fun.  Your session will give you the freedom to explore delicios sensory pleasure and new erogenous zones.

You'll become more sensitive and adventurous with each other as you reach new levels of intimacy and sensuality.  It's a safe, creative way to push your boundaries and rekindle or ignite passion in your relationship.


Sensual Massage

Indulge in a sensual massage together, relaxing and enticing.  Romantic and sensual, a perfect way to connect with your partner.  Prices start from $200   1.5 hour:  $300  2 hours: $400 


Explore your fantasies together with a Bondassage session.   2 hr: $500

Why Couples Come to Us for Couples Massage in Christchurch

There are many reasons that couples come to us for a couples’ massage at our comfortable, relaxing, and safe location in Christchurch. For some, it’s a relaxing experience that they like to enjoy together. Others, meanwhile, want to deepen their sensual and emotional connection with their partner and find the experience of a couples’ massage helps them do this.

Then there are couples who want to try something new. Maybe they heard a friend talking about getting a couples’ massage, or maybe they read something in an article, and now want to try it. They choose a couples’ massage as there is an element of relaxation and improving overall wellbeing rather than simply being about sex. This wellbeing aspect is a high priority for many of our clients for whom sex is an emotional as much as a physical experience.

Then there are couples who come to us because one or both has lost their feelings of sexual desire and they want to rekindle that passion and sense of want again in their relationship. Many of these couples start with sex couching and getting advice from our experts before moving to the stage of booking a couples’ massage.

As you can see, there are many reasons why couples come to us for our couples’ massage service in Christchurch. If you would like to find out more, contact us today.

What You Need to Know About Our Couples Massage Service in Christchurch

The first and most important thing is that we want you to feel completely relaxed, safe, and comfortable. We will discuss everything with you beforehand and you can decide at any time whether you want to do, or not do, anything.

Finally, our couples’ massage service is available for couples of any age, sexual experience, physical ability, or gender preference, i.e. male-female couples, female-female couples, male-male couples, etc.