MenLet go, relax and enjoy.
Leave the stress of the world behind you as I take you on a journey of pleasure and relaxation.

Why not indulge in a full body sensual massage?  The entire focus is on your comfort, relaxation and pleasure.
This massage is just for you.  Your naked body will be touched from head to toe to relax you, and heighten your senses.
I want you to totally relax and release yourself in sensations and feelings as the build.  You will be pampered and enjoy a wonderfully satisfying without any judgement, criticism or expectations.

Or why not take a walk on the wild side and let your fantasies loose for a sensory exploration with Bondassage.  The addition of light BDSM makes this a sensual massage with a very kinky twist.  Explore submission, let me take control and give you an experience I know you will enjoy.  The ultimate in massage experience.


Relaxation Massage  

Therapeutic relaxation massage. A great way to pamper yourself, and destress. This massage is not intended to treat those with sport or other injuries.  Minimum charge $50. $70 hour. 

Sensual/Relaxation Massage

For the ultimate in full body sensual massage sessions 

Minimum charge $100. Prostate massage $20 extra. 

45 min: $100   1hr: $120   1.25hr: $150   1.5hr: $180   2hr: $250 



Or for something a little different why not set your inner fantasies fee and explore with a Bondassage  or Elysium session.

1 hr : $250,  1.5 hr: $300,  2 hr: 400,   2.5 hr: $500


Prostate Massage (Therapeutic)

Regular prostate massage can benefit men in a number of ways, it is recommended by some urologists. The prostate gland is massage via the anus.  It can also be massaged externally with a massager. A prostate massage can be included in a sensual massage with a small additional cost or as a treatment in itself (15-20 minute appointment $60)

Prostate Massage in Christchurch

Prostate massage is an excellent therapeutic treatment for a range of different conditions. One of the ways it can benefit you is that it can clear the prostatic duct, particularly when the prostate massage is carried out by an experienced and trained practitioner.

The prostatic duct runs from your prostate to your reproductive system as well as your urinary system.

When you come to us for a prostate massage, you can be sure you are in a safe and judgement-free environment. Contact us today to find out more.

Benefits of Therapeutic Prostate Massage in Christchurch

What conditions can prostate massage in Christchurch treat? Many medical practitioners believe prostate massages can help with several different and often common conditions. This includes:

  • Erectile dysfunction – if you suffer erectile dysfunction, you may be treated with pumps, medications, or implants. Prostate massage can complement these therapies and help improve your symptoms.
  • Pain when ejaculating – one of the causes of pain when ejaculating is a blockage in your reproductive system. A prostate massage may be able to release this blockage, freeing you from pain or discomfort.
  • Prostatitis – prostatitis, or swelling of the prostate gland, can be treated using a variety of modern techniques. However, before these techniques were available, prostate massage was common. Many believe it remains effective today.
  • Urine flow – your urinary system and your prostate are closely connected. In fact, your prostate gland surrounds part of your urinary system known as the urethra. If you suffer from swelling of the prostate, this can interrupt and even stop the flow of urine. Prostate massage has been known to alleviate this problem.