women3Enjoy the connection with your feminine, sensual core with a Full Body Sensual Massage.  The entire focus is on your comfort, relaxation and pleasure.  This massage is just for you.  Your naked body will be touched from head to toe to relax you, and heighten your senses.

We want you to totally relax and release yourself in sensations and feelings as they build. You will be pampered and enjoy a wonderfully satisfying and pleasurable experience without any judgement, criticism or expectations.

Why not enjoy a full body sensual massage with Maria, for a uniquely pleasurable massage experience?  Give yourself over to pleasure. 


Sensual Massage

For the ultimate in full body sensual massage sessions starting from $100. Includes yoni and breast massage.


If you would like to experience or experiment with something new or different, why not try a Bondassage or Elysium session- light Bondage, submission, sensory deprivation, sensations, impact, fantasy. $220 hr, $300 1.5 hr. Includes yoni, and breast massage. 

Lomi Lomi (Kahuna Massage)

Hawaiian, spiritual, healing, relaxation and therapeutic massage which includes long strokes under and over the body, stretches, and deep tissue work, along with prayer and mindful, loving touch. $120 session 

Tantric Massage in Christchurch Explained

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding tantric massage. One of those misconceptions is that it is just a sexual experience that is mostly about the orgasm. This is incorrect as tantric massage is more than a sexual experience. Instead, it's about overall wellbeing and improving your life in addition to the immediate pleasures it can – but doesn’t necessarily have to – induce.

The real aim is to harness the sexual energy of your entire body. This helps you to relax as well as helping to heal both your body and your mind.

So, what does a tantric massage involve when you come to Unlimited Passion in Christchurch? It’s important to first say in answer to this question that we will tailor our services according to your requirements. If you are not comfortable with anything, you don’t have to do it.

That said, a tantric massage in Christchurch can include:

  • Practicing breathing techniques
  • Full body massage
  • Genital stimulation

The goal for you is to get in touch with your sexual being in a state of total relaxation without feeling that you have to reciprocate.

The Benefits of Our Tantric Massage Service in Christchurch

Our tantric massage service is particularly popular with our female clients in Christchurch because of the benefits it offers. This includes:

  • Achieving a state of total relaxation and bliss during the session
  • Helping you get past barriers to sexual fulfilment including emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual barriers
  • You will feel more confident and happier
  • You will be more fulfilled sexually
  • Your overall health and vitality will improve
  • Tantric massage can also help treat sexual problems in both men and women
  • Improve your emotional wellbeing
  • Improve the pleasure you get from orgasms
  • Reduces stress and clears your mind

If you would like to discuss our tantric massage service in Christchurch in more detail, please give us a call. We’d be only too happy to answer your questions, so call us today.

Please feel free to enquire about the services we offer to women.

Kia Ora